Why 8RHK?

The Achterhoek does not stand alone. We are a global village with roots and wings. Innovation and collaboration is crucial to keep up with the changing world. The way we work, learn and live is changing faster and faster. By joining forces, we increase the quality of life and work in the Achterhoek. We work together on innovation and growth of our economy. And to strengthen our green, healthy and accessible living and living environment. We connect across borders, so that the potential of the Achterhoek can be fully exploited.

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How does 8RHK work?

In the Achterhoek we work together in an innovative way. The government, entrepreneurs and social organizations jointly guide the development of the Achterhoek. The aim is to create a powerful region that works together quickly and decisively to keep the Achterhoek (economically) strong. With a joint lobby towards the Province, central government and the EU.
The Achterhoek Council consists of all the political parties of the seven affiliated municipalities. They appoint the frameworks and themes for the Achterhoek Board.
The Achterhoek Board consists of ten directors from the business community, municipalities, the province, housing associations, education and the healthcare sector. They chart the course together.
The chairman of the Achterhoek Council and the Achterhoek Board is also the chairman of the Achterhoek Region.
From six Theme Tables we work together on the content and realization of our vision.
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What does 8RHK do?

We encourage our companies and education to fully participate in the unbridled development of digitization and the new opportunities it offers. We go for smart, clean and social transport. And for pleasant living for everyone who wants it in a suitable house within our region. In addition, we are working on a clean living environment where people are encouraged to lead a healthy life. In addition to our innovative way of working together, we also invest in the Achterhoek together. Projects that contribute to our Achterhoek Vision 2030 come to life by forging and developing plans together. By finding partners and contributing financially. 8RHK ambassadors is committed to this together with you. There are various subsidy options from the Region Deal, the area tasking for the province of Gelderland, the Investment Fund, Interreg, LEADER and the SME deal.

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For requests and questions please contact info@8RHK.nl